KWC Science Department

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

    After attending class after class in the big brick science building, I realized that there’s no shame in smelling like the chemistry lab on the second floor. It is crowded in there with glass tubes, chemicals, safety glasses, aprons, and drawers full of groundbreaking SCIENCE! Sure, there are dead frogs double wrapped in plastic bags. There are shower stations, fly experiments, and tiny scissors used for cutting reptile flesh. Yes, there’s even a greenhouse adjacent to the softball field. Oh, I forgot about the squirrels diving into the trashcans outside. Not only is science at Kentucky Wesleyan College adventurous and intriguing, but there’s no end to the food. The student lounge on the first floor is always swamped with cold pizza, the teacher’s chili, and creamy donuts stuck to textbooks.

    So do you want to talk about electrons or genetics? Neither? Well, too bad. Since taking chemistry, I can’t help but see circular objects rotating around everything in sight. There’s a whole world out there that you can’t see with the naked eye. That explains static, smartphones, lightning, and even nauseating gases in the atmosphere.

    What shall I say about genetics? Well, I think epigenetics is the most exciting thing since sliced bread! Therefore, don’t drop genetics! The genes you are born with can change. The environment can change your genes. It’s called epigenetics. Maybe it should be called epic genetics. No, I’m just joking!

    Look at those volunteers in the chemistry lab getting bombarded with questions and messes. Clean up time class! Students need to put their supplies back in the designated drawers and keep better inventory. Yes, there’s a flask missing. Somebody needs to find it or else!

    When you’re walking the hall in the Hahn building on the first floor, you may notice a giant board full of pictures of smiling faces. These are future scientists, chemists, zookeepers, marine biologists, zoologists, and park rangers. Have you ever heard of an environmentalist or a job known as forestry? These are really cool professions for people who like going to their job every day. These are people that like working outside in the rain or sunshine. There’s a huge difference between liking your job and clocking in just because you have to do it. “Well, I’m here, but don’t talk to me because I hate it here,” said the guy who hates his job with a passion. “Ok, I’m taking this job because my husband asked me to, but not because I like it,” said the girl who works for minimum wage and job she never wanted.

    The science building is a launching pad for the next generation of veterinarians, nature nerds, organic farmers, and more of those dreadful biology teachers. I’m only kidding about the dreadful stuff! We need more of these “science geeks”. Don’t you want a phone that hovers, a flower that shoots acid, or a pig with cat claws? Who else is going to come up with a hypothesis about your toughest questions concerning the world around you?  For instance, what is the cure for aggressive brain cancer? What’s the missing genetic code that’s missing from the missing genetic code pile? Are there space aliens at the Bermuda Triangle? Why do mountains extend upward instead of to the side? I dare you to walk over to the science building and start asking questions like these. Maybe they will give you cold pizza and some real-world answers! You better take a pencil, calculator, and graph paper with you. You might need to take notes and perform calculations.