KWC Campus Ministries

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

After worshiping on Wednesdays with campus ministries, I have come to the realization that there is great potential to reach people for Christ at Kentucky Wesleyan College and beyond. Students and faculty at Kentucky Wesleyan College come to chapel every Wednesday at noon to get their spiritual life reenergized. It all begins with signing in and getting hype. We gather for prayer and acoustic music accompanies worship. Special occasions take us out into the campus for messages and prayers. The Bible is being preached giving God a voice. In the beginning the Word was God. The Word is God. Kentucky Wesleyan College is a shining torch to the rest of the world. If you need a higher power that answers requests, why not come where two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus Christ? Of course, there is no other name given among men that has the power to save us.

At chapel, you are going to see laughter, video compilations, stage performances, and a raising of hands to heaven. The video compilations are a way of going into informative detail about current events and Christian work around campus. Important events are emphasized in the beginning. When the silence has settled, there are further announcements. The idea is to get involved with campus ministries. Music begins to erupt throughout the room and in the hearts of everyone. It is much like any church you would walk into on Sunday morning. However, there are no tithes and offerings. Also, you won’t be bombarded with donuts and coffee. There are juicy gummy fruit candies. The fellowship you will experience is similar to a Methodist worship service. Nevertheless, chapel on Wednesdays is about the biblical message received and making supplications.

Chapel is not like a family-oriented church service you would see at your local worship center. You will get a bulletin with announcements like any other church service. Timeliness and certain types of involvement like deacon service are not emphasized. Nonetheless, what is missing? Is everything the way it should be at chapel and with campus ministries? Do you see students and faculty physically inviting people to chapel? Maybe people feel that it is inappropriate to verbally give invitations. It is a touchy subject. Faith has become very private; nonetheless, cussing is not allowed on campus. On campus, we precisely pick and choose what’s acceptable and what’s offensive. One student holds the door for another, but another cannot spare two seconds. Perhaps we should think about what is most important on our list of priorities. Blessing people is more important than two seconds of time.

In the United States Air Force, I learned to lead, equip, and strengthen people. Campus ministries can do this for us. It starts with campus ministries and leads to salvation for everybody in Jesus Christ. We need to equip people with the gospel, better properties, and people skills. We should be heighten other’s self-esteem along the way.  Loving people is valuable practice. Life is about considering others before yourself. You can’t do everything in life yourself in your own power. Also, people need you more than you realize! Whether you play sports, play music, tutor, or get involved in student government, God can use you. Personally, I draw spiritual strength from people involved in campus ministries. I have made it a priority. It could be that when you get your priorities right and address your spiritual needs, your grades will improve. Your character will benefit. Also, your friendships will be strengthened. You will be more attractive to people.