BSU Continues Growth at KWC

LaDarius Dunn, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization that is on the campus of a lot of colleges and universities to give African Americans a voice on campus. BSU promotes cultural awareness and to provide support for all the students and the community. It creates a sense of community among African American students, who in some cases, don’t feel that from other organizations on campus. Having a BSU on campus also creates a safe and fun environment that makes students take part in discussions on issues affecting the community, as well as different bonding activities. It also makes sure that any minority group is not forgotten and is treated like the rest.

Four years ago, a KWC student brought the Black Student Union back to campus for the purpose of making the growing African American population on campus have a safe space where they could unite and be heard. As each year progressed, the BSU had fewer and fewer members and eventually became an organization with 4 members that could not get students to join. During those four years the BSU slowly disappeared as a known organization, affecting those who needed that safe space. This year, the Black Student Union improved in the best ways and has started to serve its purpose.

The new president of the BSU has taken many steps to ensure that the organization can continue to grow instead of regressing like the previous years. One of the steps taken was to make the first meeting a welcoming atmosphere that could show the interested

students its potential. In my opinion, it was successful since there are more than 20 members in the BSU this semester, which is the most members the organization has had in the last 4 years. Every student brings a different perspective to the group and their ideas and vision have helped it grow.

Another step towards helping it grow was planning and actually having the meet and grill hosted by BSU. During this event, students got to bond while playing different games and getting to know each other and they followed right along with BSU purpose: ignite change. It had a great turn out and brought the BSU new members. This year was BSU first time participating in KWC annual Trunk or Treat even though they were on campus for 4 years. They plan on becoming more active and involved on campus whether that’s having their own events or participating in other organizations events.

Many ask if having a Black Student Union on campus is necessary. My answer is yes. As one of the few, and sometimes only, black student in some of my classes, having a place where I can relate to students and have a community with those like me is something that would truly exist without the Black Student Union. The BSU is essential since it provides a place of comfort, cultural unity, as well as serving as a symbol of change for both black students and non-black students.