Track and Field at KWC

Corey Johnson Jr. , Staff Writer

The year of 2015, Kentucky Wesleyan College started a new track and field team; the years before there were no track and field. The team has been improving in recruiting for the past 4 years but has had some difficult challenges such as no track to run or practice on, few runners to compete, and lots of injuries due to this limited number. Because of these challenges, the team was not able to preform the best or even recover well after running over 3 events; there was also a challenge in assistant coaching. Since the year track and field was started, assistant coaches have been here and then have left due to better opportunities and/or family.

The lack of coaching had an effect mainly on the sprinters/hurdlers/jumpers because there is specific training required to be in shape and to be fast, well as keeping clean technique. With this, the team lacked and missed parts they needed to be the best for themselves and the team as well as the division. This was also difficult for the coach because he had to do everything on his own; he had to have at least 5 practices every single day, back and forth, trying to coach every event a runner had to his best ability; he proved that he was a strong coach, but he just couldn’t do this all alone, especially in areas he didn’t really know about. An example of this would be making the sprinters run miles daily, getting them in good enough shape, but this effected their performance because they couldn’t rely on anything else such as technique, tempo, coming out the blocks, or strength because they weren’t practicing it enough like they should have been.

Over time the coach was able to hear everyone out and realized the faults and mistakes. He improved on his coaching towards sprinters/hurdles/jumpers, making it even towards the cross country and distance runners on the team. The disadvantage the team has had is the loss of many seniors since the year this program started, but there is more of a gain and advantage than anyone realizes. Tony Rowe, the head coach of track and field, has his son Mark Rowe, as the assistant coach for this year and many years to go, just to name a few positives that will impact the team. This helps because they are experienced and together they communicate well discussing what is best for the team, the practice times/scheduling for the season, and workouts. Observing the team now and from the previous years, it looks more developed and positive; even though the team lost what seemed most of the runners, they have gained all around as well. The team also shares a track with Owensboro Middle School, which was built in 2017. This newly built track allows the runners to practice comfortably. They no longer have to struggle running on concrete or running in the front lawn of the school. This was not healthy for the runners causing major injuries, especially on the shins, because of the surfaces. This makes a huge difference on the level of being healthy as well as making sure everyone is getting treatment.

I believe the new team or track and field for Kentucky Wesleyan College is new and improved; it all starts with something an the previous runners have paved a way for the runners of 2019-2020. A couple of seniors are even being able to experience this new development, so for them it will be a successful year full of positivity, not having to rely on little resources, or being frustrated. This is the start of the track and field team of Kentucky Wesleyan College.