Corey Johnson, Staff Writer

Black Student Union (BSU) is a student organization that supports African Americans on campus focusing on an atmosphere that makes them feel welcome and a part of something somewhat like a family. By promoting activities of interest, social, education, and cultural benefits at Kentucky Wesleyan College. The Black Student Union gives minorities the empowerment to voice their own differences, goals, and ideas in all topics or even issues happening around the world. With this, it lets each individual connect with each other in a positive way. This organization represents four words which are leadership, excellence, support, and student body. These four words create the foundation to help members go out and assist in volunteering for the community, as well as on campus. The organization helps other students improve their education and communication, group unity, community development, as well as promoting the recognition of involvement of African American students and other minorities; creating leaders to serve as a positive influence at Kentucky Wesleyan College. In the past, the Black Student Union has not been very successful because it has primarily been a small group. Plus, there is not much diversity on campus and most leaders graduate, leaving no one to keep the organization afloat. The change has been made on the campus for this organization to be stronger than ever and to continue, especially with being more open to the interest of others instead of only within the officers. It helps for others to express what would be fun, creative, and interesting; how it would grab members and feel a part of something special. The first black student union event was Friday, October 11th at 5:30 p.m., in the administration building room 103. This event is to get the organizations name out on campus in a different way than the previous years. The BSU provided food, games, and a lot of social engagement, sharing differences, more than anything, feeling welcomed. They do not want minorities to feel like there is nothing else to offered on campus other than a sport they play. Meetings so far have been held on Tuesdays, in administration building room 103, at 5:00 p.m. The team discusses events, planning, discussions, and bonding happen within these meetings; every event and community development is to provide as well as embrace who minorities are. Every culture is different but to interest comes in with exploring others. The organization discusses are topics/issues happening around us, but letting each individual give an opinion on how they feel, and if possible, how we could change this issue in the present or future. There is encouragement for everyone to say something whether they agree with it or not. This creates great exercises to improve their communication skills and to discuss beliefs, disbeliefs, and differences. I believe events will be successful because of an open mind to the student body and community with their interest, as well as setting a standard. Black Student Union wants to be fun and creative for students to be a part of, and to also add this to their college experience. Instead of being against one another, we should come together and realize the power that comes with our differences. Black Student Union is an organization to lift up and recognize like any other club or organization here on campus at Kentucky Wesleyan College.