Problems in Our Society

La'Darius Dunn, Staff Writer

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There are plenty of problems in today’s society that have just been lingering over the months and years. They usually go unnoticed when people do not speak about them. We are putting our society in devastating situations by not speaking about what is going on. Most of us don’t speak about this because we think that “one person can’t effect the world” or “what could I possibly do?” Which is the problem in today’s society nobody wants to be that one individual to step out of there comfort zone and try to make something happen. We have discomforting problems such as government problems, discrimination with the law, water outings in some parts of the United States.

Our Government is the organization that asserts an authentic imposing business model on the utilization of power in a given district appears to include itself in pretty much every part of present day life. When we purchase or sell something, we make good on regulatory expenses to government. In whichever area we happen to work, we should manage government business and working environment well being laws. And for the government to be having problems with outings we may experience things that we are not used to such as garbage disposal and little things like that. With the government being out of office it means that they have no control over the law what so ever. And the past few years it shows that the police have gotten a little more violent then it usually was and I believe that everyone would agree upon this.

I’m not saying the police doesn’t have unreasonable encounters with every other race but it seems like on the news or on social media all we see is the live surveillance shooting or mistreating of an African American male or female. African American have since quite a while ago griped that American cops will in general target them for traffic stops. An investigation by the Equity Office, distributed in 2013, found that dark drivers were 31% bound to be pulled over than white ones; different connections with law implementation are portrayed by comparative racial lopsided characteristics. Also study shows that there are harsher penalties with the court whenever challenged with a situation.

Flint, Michigan went through a whole water crisis through this year and some of last year. This has actually been on and off since 2014. At the point when the city exchanged its drinking water supply from Detroit’s system to the Flint river in a cost-sparing move. Deficient treatment and testing of the water brought about a progression of real water quality and medical problems for stone occupants issues that were incessantly disregarded, ignored, and limited by government authorities even as objections mounted that the putrid, stained, and off-tasting water channeled into rock homes for year and a half was causing skin rashes, male pattern baldness, and itchy skin. As everyone knows this has been an growing problem for them.

Even certain celebrities tries to throw a little help for them here and there, such as Jaden Smith but it wasn’t enough to last the whole city for more than a month and a half until they needed more.