Nike Believes in Kaepernick

Corey Johnson, Staff Writer

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Nike chose Colin Kaepernick, an NFL quarterback, for one of the faces for their campaign “Just Do It.” He is known for the ad, “Believe in something, even it means sacrificing everything,” which is a statement of racial injustice. In 2016 during the national anthem, Colin kneeled in protest against police shootings of unarmed African American men, and he soon started a trend of others following during the national anthem kneeling before a performance.

Colin also posted a video on Twitter that showed athletes who have been able to overcome great obstacles to be able to play in the sport they love and become professional. The negative part about this is people were against what Colin stood for and what he was doing. They even began posting videos of burning Nike wear and decided to switch to other brands such as Adidas. Even President Trump talked down players who decided to follow Colin and his protest.

After all of the negative feedback, Nike still wanted to keep Colin for the race of their ad. I feel it is unfair that parts of society would knock down a protest like this. African Americans need to be heard and have support with the shootings, as it is killing innocent people caused by racism. I don’t think what Colin did is sending a terrible message out, but he is instead trying to change today’s society.

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