The Hate U Give Movie Review

Corey Johnson, Staff Writer

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This past week I went to the Malco Owensboro Cinema to see the popular movie that recently just came out called The Hate U Give. The Hate U Give is a movie starring a young black 16-year old girl by the name of Starr, who is living a double life between a black neighborhood and a white prep school, and also her childhood friend Khalil Harris, who she witnessed get shot and killed by a white police officer for no reason. This traumatized Starr because she also witnessed her best friend get shot in a drive-by when they were young kids. This movie is a reflective image of what black individuals today still go through. The racism, racial profiling, discrimination, and stereotyping all come together as one in this movie.

In this black community, when Khalil got shot, it was because of racial profiling from a cop thinking that he had a gun in his hand, even though he did not. In the beginning of the movie before Khalil getting shot, Starr’s life is already complicated enough, from constantly code-switching between the poor, predominantly black neighborhood where she lives and the wealthy, mainly white privileged prep school that she attends. She was also constantly stereotyped rom having a white boyfriend and white friends who just do not understand what she is going through as a black individual already. When she witnessed Khalil being shot by a police officer, it triggered a lot of things for Starr. Everything had changed for her, from the way she acted towards her friends, boyfriend, and in school.

Family played a big role in this movie, incorporating strong values within the on-screen family. She was being forced to speak out for Khalil, but she was scared because she was being targeted in many ways. This movie was a showing of what is still happening now today in this society, and what being black feels like. Being black we code-switch everywhere we go just to be acceptable in certain places. This movie was very powerful to me because it was the truth of one race through one character.

I recommend the students at Kentucky Wesleyan College to go see the movie The Hate U Give because, in my opinion, it is very educational, knowledgeable, and interesting. Some people do not know why black people act the way they do towards certain things, and it would give the students an opportunity to learn outside of their race. This movie can also teach the students about police brutality, and what it is like for a mother to lose a child because of the only ‘weapon’ he had, which is being a black minority. This movie was very impactful, meaningful and necessary to watch.

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