Don’t Slack Now, Finish Strong

La'Darius Dunn, Staff Writer

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There are a lot of habits and problems that could affect your study time towards the end of the semester. I understand most people are now starting to feel the drowsy feeling the end of the semester brings with it. This drowsy feeling tends to come from hard work from numerous assignments and some people are even working a job while going through this mental tough patch in their life. I want to tell everyone that even though you may feel brain dead this is the time to really apply yourself and try to boost your GPA. From past experiences, I know what it feels like to not finish a semester as strong as you supposed to because of laziness or similar reasons. That feeling of incompletion that it instills in you is often uncomfortable because it is the feeling of failure. I know for a fact none of us like the feeling of failure. So, to avoid that we must start early and not wait until the last minute, letting procrastination kick in.

So, we should not give up here even though there are so many obstacles standing in front of every student every day. The hardest part of the semester to me is the end of the fall semester because there are so many things that one could look forward to. It is the holiday season so most people are wanting to go home to their family but it is mandatory that we finish strong before doing so. By applying the “finish strong” mindset to every little thing we do in life we could better ourselves in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

One of the hardest parts about this time of the semester is definitely balancing everything out such as little things like, finishing up un-finished work and finishing the work that’s due in the weeks coming up. There are so many obstacles that seem to arise at the end of the semester. Most people tend to get a little homesick around the end of semester because they have been away for so long. Those who experience this homesickness might notice an increase in depressed feelings, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and minor physical ailments. With this homesick feeling another thing you may notice is lack of energy and motivation to do anything. Personally I feel like that is the type of stuff we focus on after the semester, because as I mentioned above, going home with that incomplete feeling or failure feeling in your stomach is never comfortable.

I tend to deal with test anxiety around this time of year. It just seems like your mind is everywhere. Most people go through this when they are having difficulty concentrating. To fix this problem at the end of the semester I would recommend you do the simple things such as getting enough sleep, erasing all of the negative thoughts out of your mind, and trying to exercise both mentally and physically. Everyone is going through the same thing around this time.

Good luck as you finish finals and good luck at the start of the new semester next year.

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Don’t Slack Now, Finish Strong