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La'Darius Dunn, Staff Writer

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It’s around that time of the year in the fall when KWC becomes eventful. Kentucky Wesleyan is known for being number 15 ranked in the entire nation, but in my opinion, we also have some of the best staff working to make our school the most comfortable environment possible. They do this not only for the students, but for their own personal experience, as well. Last semester, we had a talent show with students here at KWC, and, with no surprise, the teachers joined and genuinely had a great time. This time around, things are more than likely going to be a little different.

Homecoming comes around the same time each year, and goes through an entire week of school spirit, ending the celebration on the football field. Even though we lost for homecoming, I could personally say that this year’s homecoming was truly a success, as we focused more on the school’s theme for the week. This time of the year occurred about two or three weeks ago, and it recognized a couple of significant people. With it being October, KWC will most likely be celebrating and representing both breast cancer awareness month and Halloween this holiday season.

Also coming up in the next couple weeks is senior night, which is represented on Steele Stadium field at the football game. This is an annual event that occurs for every sport at different times. This is to better recognize all of the seniors for the corresponding sports season. Players begin in a line and are introduced one by one along with their parents and/or family members. Most family members will then present them with flowers or a special gift recognizing them for their hard work. Their parents stand aside them while an announcement of what their position is, the most important highlights of the season, the players favorite memory of the season, and what their plans are for after graduation. This event is special to the school and its’ students because it represents the first steps to the beginning of the seniors life outside of college while looking back on their memories from the last four years.

Another event at KWC is the Build-A-Bed Project, which is the first and largest community service event of its kind in the United States. It aims at children in Kentucky that are living in homes without enough beds, or even with no beds at all. The mission is to guarantee that the children are provided with an appropriate and safe place to sleep in their home. Each child is given a brand new custom twin sized bed and mattress, sheets, pillow, comforter, pajamas, toothbrush, a book, and a clothesbasket. Building these beds and providing them to the children promotes improvement in their quality of sleep, self-worth, and more opportunities for a lifetime of achievement and happiness. They bring Owensboro together to work on a common challenge, utilizing the community and its individual strengths and skills, while the volunteers achieve new abilities.

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Campus Events This Month