Panther Football Season Underway

La'Darius Dunn, Staff Writer

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With the football team’s previous years of barely any success, I feel like the team is on an upscale right now with improvement. Even though the team has lost their first two games, I firmly believe that this time may be a better season than the last couple teams in the past few years with team chemistry and just the whole team with IQ.

The fact that I have played the last few years but am sitting out this year due to shoulder surgery, the game has really slowed down for me to understand what this year’s team has that the previous teams didn’t, and that is passion. Due to the fact that we lost both of our best coaches this year, the head coach and the wide receiver coach, most people thought that we would be worse than usual. As everybody knows, once a coach leaves unexpectedly it is kind of hard to get everybody back on the same page, but it actually happened pretty fast with the young Kentucky Wesleyan team.

The team’s overall record at the time this article was written is 1-2, which I believe we could have won both of those games we lost.  Next week we face Malone University.This is a game that we have a chance of winning because we beat the team last year, and coming off a win from last week, the team is fired up about this particular game.

This will prove to everybody who is watching Kentucky Wesleyan Football that we are more than our record says. Last year we had an ending record of 2-8, and it has been that same record for a consistent amount of years now, which as most know is not a very good record.  This year we have a chance to show that we have a different mentality even when we go through the rough patches as a team.

When the team wins this game this will set us up going into Conference play with a 2-2 record. I feel like we have put in too much work going through spring camp and fall camp to fall short of the conference championship this year. Going through these camps made us realize that we have more talent than we thought. Despite the issues of losing a good head coach and a great wide receiver coach, we are still on a steady path and making things happen.

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Panther Football Season Underway