Security Cameras on Campus

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Security cameras are a very popular security feature on campuses world-wide. On KWC’s campus, according to Scott Kramer, VP of Executive Initiatives & Retention, who oversees security, Kentucky Wesleyan College currently has monitoring security cameras in only three buildings: Stadium Drive Residential Hall, Deacon Residential Hall, and the Winchester Center. In the past few years, various crimes have occurred on areas of campus with no security cameras which has led to the college’s interest in increasing security cameras on campus.

Simply the presence of additional video cameras can prevent crimes such as vehicle theft, vandalism, and even violent crime. Read Hayes and Daniel Downs, two researchers on the Crime Prevention Team at the University of Florida, analyzed the effects of increased video cameras on the product loss of forty-seven US supermarkets. They concluded that the video cameras directly reduced crime by “making theft more difficult or risky to offenders.”

Additionally, this effect has been seen at colleges similar to KWC which have a greater level of video surveillance. Brescia University has cameras over every residential hall entrance and in their student and fitness center. These cameras’ influence on the rate of vandalism and theft can be seen in Brescia’s past crime and safety reports which show significantly fewer crimes than KWC.

Surveillance cameras are also an effective method of capturing evidence for use in a criminal investigation. Bill Zalud, Editor Emeritus for Security Magazine, agrees with this point by explaining how we should “place video cameras to look at entrances as well as at main offices and where IDs are checked.” He further states that with the help of security systems we capture audio voices and these audio recordings will prove very helpful for the future.

Scott Kramer points out that “when an incident occurs in an area where the cameras are located, we will review the footage that was obtained throughout that day or night.” This shows how a college will use any footage that was captured at a crime scene as a source of evidence when evaluating that crime.

Security cameras will always be an important aspect in the investigation and prevention of crimes. They capture video and audio recordings that can be further looked at when investigating a crime as well as helping prevent more crimes from happening in that area. There is no reason for any part of a college campus to go unnoticed or unsupervised due to the lack of security cameras.

In order to limit the future occurrences of campus crimes, Kentucky Wesleyan College should invest in the protection and well-being of its students, faculty, and visitors by installing additional video cameras.

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Security Cameras on Campus