Watchful Eye, Security Cameras on KWC’s Campus

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An extremely hot topic in the U.S. is the debate over video surveillance. People are questioning what these cameras are truly recording or if they are even useful in the first place. Are they worth the price? Some are on the other side. Is there enough being done? Are the existing cameras in the right places?

Some colleges, like Kentucky Wesleyan, simply can’t afford that expense for a while. The campus has a safe and united feeling which does contribute to the amount of security that is placed around campus. In a survey completed by KWC students, there were only roughly 10% of students that reported that they did not feel safe on campus.

With many people feeling unsafe with surveillance cameras around, and some even feeling they are unnecessary, there is little that can be said. Yes, they are recording you, and yes, they are keeping files. You are protected by this little thing called the Fourth Amendment. This amendment explains that you are safe from anyone keeping track of the things that you do. They can’t unnecessarily keep tabs on you, unless you are acting or taking part in something suspicious, in which case there will be probable cause for a security official or officer to track you. Simply put, if you don’t do anything illegal or something that looks illegal, you are fine.

From research conducted about security surveillance at Kentucky Wesleyan College, it was discovered that the administration of the school is strongly considering adding more video surveillance to the campus. A recent audit of the current situation of security camera usage was conducted, showing areas which need more video surveillance. Areas which Scott Kramer, the Vice President of Executive Initiatives and Retention, said were being considered included common areas such as doorways in buildings around campus and parking lots.

Although new cameras need to be added to the school, the addition of these new cameras would be pretty expensive, coming to a price of over $100,000. To be able to receive this money, the school is trying for a Homeland Security grant but has not yet been accepted to receive this award.

In an interview with Kramer, the topic of video surveillance on campus was covered, with questions from our current surveillance system, to the possible growth in the future. Scott Kramer, VP of Executive Initiatives & Retention who oversees security, explained that there are cameras on campus, just not many. There are cameras stationed in areas of high activity or places where crimes have been committed in the past.

With the cameras that are up and running, KWC truly values the privacy of the students and uses the cameras in a proactive mode, not reactive, which means that the cameras are only put into use when there is a possible issue in the covered area of the camera. KWC security tries to give the students freedom and not play the “Big Brother” and constantly watch over everyone.

Research about this topic proved to be quite insightful. All of us learned about campus security. From how the cameras on campus function, how people feel about these cameras, and what steps need to be taken to add more cameras to Kentucky Wesleyan’s campus.

All in all, the safety of the school should be a priority for the administration of this school, and if ensuring that the video surveillance of this school is up to speed and as good as it can be, then some may feel safer on this campus.

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Watchful Eye, Security Cameras on KWC’s Campus