Possible Security Improvements for KWC

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On college campuses, the sense of safety, security, and equality for the students should be of the utmost importance. Through the addition of more security guards, cameras, magnetic key card swipes, lockdown drills, and increased awareness of harassment and discrimination, students on Kentucky Wesleyan College [KWC] could feel more secure and comfortable on campus.

Two major ways to update security on KWC’s campus would be to hire additional security guards and implement additional security cameras. By adding these two simple measures, the campus would be safer from stealing, shooters, and alcohol abuse.

Becca McQueen, Dean of Student Services, said in her interview, “In the fall of 2017, we had three cars that someone broke into…where we had gift cards, money, and a laptop stolen…if we had had security footage of the cameras that would’ve helped us and the police identify who did it.”

Another security measure that would increase overall safety on campus for the students is magnetic key card swipes. In comparison to lock and key, magnetic key card swipes act as the prominent form of security on college campuses, especially in residence halls. This security can “provide various openings within the buildings, even defining what times and days certain individuals can be granted access at different openings,” according to Michelle Herrmann with University Business Magazine.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, KWC has had one “lockdown drill.” One of these drills consist of having a notification sent from One Call Now, usually telling students to stay put and find somewhere to hide. In a survey done by KWC 49 percent of students believed that we do not have enough emergency drills. We believe that for every semester the school should have at least three lockdown drills, corresponding with the beginning, middle, and end of the 16 week semester.

Lastly, discrimination is one aspect that hinders an individual’s academic success. Carlos Hipolito-Delgado conducted a study where he chose a group of Latina/o undergraduates and gave them a questionnaire. The Latina/o individuals responded that they felt less intellectual because of internalized and perceived racism that negatively affects their own ethnic identities. This is an example of how students can feel less confident in their academic abilities based on stereotypes of society.

Overall, Kentucky Wesleyan College is a great college, constantly looking for ways to improve student life, academics, and raise awareness. If the college would add these few security measures, it would help make students feel safer, feel more appreciated, and better protect not only the students, but also the teachers, faculty, and campus equipment.

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Possible Security Improvements for KWC