Spring Football Training

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Every NCAA team in the country looks forward to spring football two –three months after the seasons ends. They cannot wait to do anything football related again. Most would understand why an athlete looks forward to times like this. After a long-fought season, the Panthers ended up having a record of 2-8. We immediately reported to spring training as quick as possible. We started training differently than the past few years, because we knew what had to get done. Another reason was so we could get ahead of most of the teams in our conference; most of them don’t start training as early as we do.

We started off with intense work outs in the weight room daily. As time went by, we eased up on our work outs. A couple weeks passed by and we moved to the field. 5 AM workouts are probably a thing that most people do not like, but at the end of the day, we knew it had more positive impacts on our body. Both weights and 5 AM work outs were conducted almost every day the whole month of February. As the month ended, the team was happy because that meant it was finally time for spring football to start.

Even though we were playing football, we still had our daily workouts that varied each day so our whole body could get worked on. Even though we practiced at 5 AM, no one complained. We were showing pretty good energy and love for the sport. Some talk about overcoming obstacles is a big key in life and I as one of the team captains, I feel like my team most definitely did that. Dealing with multiple injuries, we were short on numbers and some people had to learn more than one position, but they took on the task well. This alone let me know what type of team I have behind me.

As spring football ended, we continued to lift weights daily so we wouldn’t lose everything we have worked for the past few months. After a few more weeks of strictly lifting weights, we ended spring training with something called max week, which meant it showed how much work everybody put in by doing the heaviest weights they could do on each station. The stations consisted of bench, power cling, and squat. As expected, everyone showed more improvement. Also, in this week, we held an NFL combine type of workout to see how far we have come as players. This workout included the 40-yard dash, the L drill, and gassers.

With that being said, I’m glad to see where my team stands right now and I’m looking forward to seeing a big difference in our record next year!

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Spring Football Training