Intramural Basketball

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Intramural basketball is very popular around the world at a lot of colleges and four-year universities. Some schools do it differently, but it is mostly similar in the way it is done. Kentucky Wesleyan holds an intramural basketball event every year around March Madness, which is the biggest basketball tournament of the year between bigger universities. The reason it is held around this time is because we are an athletic campus, so most people on campus play a sport or played a sport in high school. Just about everyone on campus attends this event every time there is a game.

The games are held in college play-off form. Individuals are chosen to be captains and they pick a team of anybody on campus other than teachers. There were at least 6-8 teams with a minimum of 10 players on each one. I happened to be on the gray team, which is the team that won the whole championship. We played seven games, with the first few games being “regular season” games. This means the losses would not affect the chances of going to the championship, but they did count on record; meaning most likely the team with the most losses would be at the bottom of the bracket. As the regular season ended, my team had a record of 6 wins and 1 loss.

The red team good as well and was the team we played in the championship. They were the team that we got our one and only loss to, so one could only imagine how intense the championship game had to be. Therefore, we had a lot on the line. Even though it was just intramural, we treated it as if it was the real NCAA basketball championships.

During this game, more emotions flared up than at any other game. Multiple technical fouls were given out by the student officials, which made the game more enjoyable to watch and play in. Some students say it was like watching the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

At the end of the first quarter, the score was 19-16, and we were barely trailing. I was encouraging my team to stay positive and play through all the frustrations and the distractions from the crowd. Going into halftime, the red team had their biggest lead of the game with fifteen points, and the crowd was definitely on their side.

The third quarter is the start of the second half and it looked like a whole different game. At the end of the quarter, they only led by six, and everyone was on their toes. We were not giving up without a fight. With the team I had, no one thought we had a chance but us. As the last quarter began, the whole momentum of the game changed in our favor. Before we knew it, we were up by ten points and the game was coming to an end.

Even though the game was a fight, everyone had a great time, even the teams that were just watching. I didn’t really want to participate, but I’m glad I got to enjoy myself and make more lifelong friends. Playing games with my friends from the previous years has made this event become a memory I will never forget. Next year’s intramural basketball tournament is a must for everyone!

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Intramural Basketball