Study Tips for Finals Week

Mariah Wise, Staff Writer

It’s finals week here at KWC! It’s time to study smarter, not harder, as finals week comes and goes for the first time this school year. To help you survive, here are ten study habits that will help you develop better grades for finals week and beyond!

  1. Create a master to-do list for the remaining days in the semester. Schedule times for yourself to eat, sleep, study, and relax. Being organized before sitting down to study will help free your mind of anxieties about what to do next
  2. Create summary sheets for each class/final. Having a concise guide for each class will help you know what to study
  3. Form a study group of friends that you trust. Having a study group covers getting a tutor, and if you happen to know what is going on when everyone else doesn’t, teaching a subject also helps us to learn it
  4. Know when to stop yourself. Studying for hours and hours on end can seem like the only option when you are a busy college student; this is not always the best option. Many times, we run ourselves down because our brain can only process so much information in one sitting. Remember to listen to your body as your eyes get heavy
  5. Draw it out, create pictures or maps to organize information and make it easier to remember
  6. Ask for help! If you don’t understand the material, ask a member of your study group, or your professor to explain it!
  7. Set attainable goals for each study session. Accomplishing small tasks makes us feel like we’re getting more and more done each time, and reduces anxiety
  8. Use the study guide! Do not try to learn every word in chapters 10-20. Use the study guide provided by your professor to pinpoint what material will be covered on the final
  9. Don’t have a study guide? No worries. Use your old exams and assignments to help you guess what material will be covered, and review anything you missed previously
  10. Last but not least, make sure you ditch the coffee next week and get an actual eight hours of sleep each night and put your Sleep Cycle app to good use. Sleep Cycle will recognize your pattern and wake you at the lightest point in your sleep cycle, giving you a fully rested mind for more studying, or for the exam.

For more tips and tricks, visit the internet or ask friends for what helps them study best. Good luck this week Panthers; you can do it!