Volleyball Senior Night

Martavius Carter, Staff Writer

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Senior year is often thought of as the bridge to the unknown. It is an ample wasteland full of confusion, endless paperwork, and stress for most students. With all this dysfunction, schools forget that senior year is an essential link between childhood and the major responsibility of the future. Senior night for sports teams at Kentucky Wesleyan College is a very impactful thing. It recognizes all the hard work the seniors have gone through in their four years in college. This year’s seniors on the volleyball team were Courtney Gilldea, Mackenzie Harness, Caitlin Crabtree, Audrey Baysinger, and Gabrielle Gallois.

Kentucky Wesleyan volleyball senior night was on Saturday, November 4, 2017 against GMAC Conference rival Hillsdale. Before the match, Hillsdale was currently ranked 3rd in the GMAC Conference and your Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers were ranked 6th.

Kentucky Wesleyan College lost, with a final set score of 0-3. It was a hard-fought battle between your Panthers and the Chargers. Even with the loss, senior night was a night to remember. The players’ friends, families, and fellow fans were all there to support the team and, most importantly, the seniors.

Senior night is essential to Kentucky Wesleyan College to honor the soon to be graduates for what they’ve accomplished over their academic years while playing a sport. Senior night at Kentucky Wesleyan is a big part of the community. With 5 seniors, this year’s team went out with a record of 14-19.

Senior night is a recognition of honor. It is a time to cherish the memories and bonds you have made but it is the seniors’ last time to touch the court with their teammates. You leave your love and passion on the court playing in your last game ever. It’s a time to give thanks to your coaches, teammates, and family for all the support you’ve gained over your years playing. Lastly, it’s a time to love your last moments as being a part of a colligate team and a feeling that will stay with you forever.

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