Nothing; I’m Fine Outreach, Inc. to Host “98 Seconds”

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Every 98 seconds an individual in America experiences sexual abuse. This is a fact that is so difficult to accept if you do not see it happen. While researching about this topic, I found believing this awful statistic to be quite effortless, because the facts were only evidence of my reality. For many, grasping the devastating statistic of sexual abuse means staring at ones’ own shadow. 98 seconds is just a number to most individuals, but for many, 98 seconds of pain is a reality that no one escapes, unless suicide is committed.

Nothing; I’m Fine Outreach, Inc. presents this event to share the stories of individuals who have endured and experienced living nightmares of sexual abuse. The truth shared on this night provides insight into the lies we hear internally. When the victims express their weakness, attendees of this annual event will leave educated, empowered, equipped, and exposed.

Join us on March 15th, 2018 for “98 Seconds” hosted by Nothing; I’m Fine Outreach, Inc. The evnt will take place in Rogers Hall in the Winchester Center at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Doors open at 5:30pm and the event starts at 6:00pm.

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