Greek Life at KWC

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Going to college means a variety of things. It can mean starting a new life socially, emotionally, and physically, it can mean independence and freedom from close ones, or it can mean totally something indefinable. One of the aspects of all colleges is the social life and the networking that students can make to be successful in the future. Starting a social life is fairly easy, but maintaining it along with studies can be quite a handful. Greek life in college is one aspect of socializing. Many students get involved in Greek life when looking for networking, friends, or a social life.

At Kentucky Wesleyan College, Greek life offers you a chance to make new social and emotional connections. When joining a fraternity or sorority it means you have joined a new brotherhood or sisterhood. The people you meet in your fraternity or sorority are relationships that can last a lifetime.

The next thing Greek life has to offer is networking. You never know who will be the next big face in the world. Greek life offers you a way to meet people to network your future life. Networking is interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. Greek life helps you with this because you meet a variety of people who can maybe help you be successful later in life.

The last thing that Greek life has to offer is the enjoyment of being a part of an organization at school. At Kentucky Wesleyan College, Greek life is a big part of the school. Being a part of a Greek organization is a privilege that you can obtain. Doing so will allow your college experience to be a great one. Meeting new people that you can call your “brothers” and “sisters” is a huge part of life that can make it enjoyable.

College is all about making connections and obtaining opportunities. One opportunity at a college that is available is Greek life. Greek life will allow a student to make new social and emotional connections, is a helpful tool for networking, and it helps students enjoy college.

The Greek life options at KWC include two NPC sororities, Alpha Omicron Pi and Kappa Delta; a local sorority, Zeta Gamma Chi; and three IFC fraternities, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

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