Reid’s Orchard Apple Fest

De'Vonta Moffitt, Staff Writer

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This past weekend was an experience I hope many failed to miss. What event, you ask? Reid Orchard’s Apple Festival. Being a native of the city of Louisville, events such as this are often overshadowed.

Though Owensboro and Louisville share a congruent event, the Louisville Fair, Reid’s Orchard Apple Festival is quite different. Upon driving in, you could smell the awe-inspiring, delicious venues. These venues offered many options such as pulled pork, steak burgers, funnel cakes, caramel covered fried apples topped with ice cream.

The understated alternative was giving me a visit as I helped the Daviess County Rotary Club. They offered an exquisite cheeseburger, hotdog, polish sausage, or plain burger. I must say, if we had enough finances we could possibly run McDonald’s out of business. The cheeseburgers were made just right, not overcooked and not undercooked, but cooked enough to have your taste buds erupt before your change was given back to you.

Even though I was unable to enjoy a meal, my appreciation for Owensboro grew. One, because this lovely town enjoys supporting young, aspiring students like me, and two, they continued to engage kids. After you digested one of many finger foods, you could lick off the remaining leftovers in the line for your ride. Or, if you wanted to spread the love, you could allow a horse to do your dirty work for you.

If you were not able to attend this annual event, ensure that you mark your calendars for next year! I’ll see you there!

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