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Asking someone what is wrong shows you care. Curious friends or loved ones may ask this question after an unexpected outburst caused by disappointment or when your poker face fails you. This is when you show your true colors. Years ago, back in my glory days as a decent football player active in school activities and academia, I attempted to position a mask over my pain to distract everyone from searching for my broken self. Honestly, this act succeeded. I was perceived as someone people wanted to be around. However, the moments when I was encompassed by our student body is when I felt the loneliest.

As a boy who endured abuse, lower class living, and a fatherless childhood, I excelled in one area—sports. I had to find hope for tomorrow through a game with specialized equipment. The facemask is the most important piece of equipment given to a football player. Why? Without the facemask, if hit, the player is unable to speak. Without the facemask, if hit, the player’s sight is disabled. Without the facemask, if hit, the player must surgically replace what the mas should have covered- the face. This replacement hurts more than anything. How does a player in a stadium with 18,000+ electrified fans, cheering for a division one team that you are a part of, still feel forsaken and forever lost? When you solve this problem, which plagues millions, feel free to tweet it to the world. Having expanded to 280 characters to express yourself, that should be more than enough to answer life’s mysterious question of “why?” “If God is real, why does he allow evil in our world. If God is real, why did I go through (blank)?” You fill in the blank.

In the millennial generation, a label I am honored to call my own, I realize the true expression of these questions. The real question we start articulating, even when our voice trembles is, “If God loves me then why do I feel like I’m unlovable? Why do the ones I am supposed to love, my family, despise me? Why do I receive more love from my English teacher than my own mom?” I get it. And before anyone else minimizes your feelings, I just want to say, I understand. I understand the pressures of taking a step forward when running seems to be the best option. I understand the expectations of wanting to live for those who wouldn’t dare die for you. I get it. In doing so, I acknowledge I have not felt your pain. Truly, I am saying I felt my own pain. The depth of feeling hopeless led to me hanging outside of a window.

Now let me introduce you to the one, the only, and the greatest organization on the face of the planet. Nothing; I’m Fine Outreach, Inc.

This organization discusses many adherences: fear, anxiety, alienated memories, depression. This organization has organically developed into a lifestyle more than a catchphrase. Here on campus you may see a semi colon shirt and a poem on the back or you’ll see the founder running around complimenting, laughing, but more than likely smiling just because. Why? Because when life couldn’t answer why, he wanted to become a reason to show it why. He wants to be the best part of someone’s worst day.

Join us on October 28, 2017, from 5:30-8:00 p.m. for the Nothing; But a Game Night hosted by Nothing; I’m Fine Outreach, Inc. Everyone is welcome!

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