Spooky Movies You Must See this Halloween

Mariah Wise, Staff Writer

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Alright, we all know what time it is. It’s the BEST time of the year! Halloween is only two weeks away, which means pumpkin spice everything (even though apple cider is popular in Kentucky), sweatshirts, snuggly blankets, and spooky movies! The list below will give you the scoop on some of the current scary movies and look back at some old ones. Let’s face it, the 80’s were the real masterpieces though.

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In Dead Silence, Jamie returns to his hometown Ravens Fair to investigate his wife’s mysterious murder. Mary Shaw, a deceased ventriloquist is the town’s ghost story. She kidnapped children and turned them into her “children”. After Jamie returns, he notices there have been more and more disappearances around town. Some suspect Mary Shaw is at it again. If you are terrified of dolls, you will be scared. Even if you are not terrified of dolls, you will still be scared.

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In the original Carrie, Carrie is shy, bullied, your typical not-popular high school girl. She is hyper-sheltered by her bible thumping mother. That is, until she develops telekinetic powers. Carrie finally gets an invitation to prom- from the most popular guy in school no less. When mother says Carrie can’t go to the prom, there is hell to pay. This is a classic, and everyone should see it at least once. However, you must vow to watch the original as the remake from 2013 will not include Sissy Spacek dripping in blood.

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The Babadook is the indie scary film of the century, in my opinion. I watched it and I still can’t watch it again—even during the day. Set in England, a mother and her child are grieving the death of the husband and father in their family. When the son starts to act out, constantly scared of some “thing” from a story book, the mother just brushes it off. Little does she know, the Babadook is all around them. Don’t watch if you’re scared of shadows in your dorm room!



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Most of us probably remember actress Jennifer Carpenter as one of the ditsy friends from White Chicks, but in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, she is the scariest white girl you will ever see. The film centers on the “murder” of Emily Rose, a young woman who was supposedly killed during an exorcism performed by Father Moore. The audience follows his accounts of the events leading to Emily’s death. Warning: do not watch this movie alone!


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You’re Next, another indie thriller, is for you scared “of real-life” types. You’re Next follows a forced family gathering that goes haywire. Someone sends a gang of professional hit men in masks to the house, who pick off the family one by one in a home invasion, much like in the movie Strangers. The last one standing is unexpected, and there are some very creative ways of killing throughout the film.

I’ve scoured the corners of Netflix and these are just five of my personal recommendations for you, as a horror movie fan. Happy watching!


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Spooky Movies You Must See this Halloween