Extended Break Poses Inconvenience For Residential Students

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You would think a four day weekend for the students at Kentucky Wesleyan College would be thought of as a nice little vacation, right? But that wasn’t the case for many students that didn’t have the luxury of traveling home to be with their family and friends.

Life for those who were on campus was close to horrible when students were notified about the closing of all the dining hall services at the last minute. This was an inconvenience for those who use their meal swipes for the café and Subconnection every day. The students didn’t know the dining hall services were going to be closed until after they had been closed down for some hours. An email was sent out to the students around 5:11 PM, and the dining services were closed for the day at 2 PM, leaving students to fend for themselves, trying to come up with how they were going to eat over the holiday until the café opened back up on Monday for dinner.

Some of the sports teams that had to stay due to their sport activities over Easter weekend had to find a way to adjust so their athletes were well taken care of. Take the softball, baseball, and track & field team for example, all of these sports had to compete over the weekend. The athletic director was contacted, notifying him about the problems some of the athletes were having. The problem wasn’t completely fixed but they did what they could by providing Chick-Fil-A cards and pizza for the first two days, leaving the students still trying to find the funds to meet their nutritional requirements for the remainder of the break.

As far as the non-athletes and the students that live too far from home and weren’t able to travel home, they had to bear the sane burden, except their circumstances were more difficult. These students didn’t have a coach or someone looking out for them to make sure they were going to be taken care of. Since it was such a short notice, the students didn’t have a lot of time to try and make arrangements to have money transferred to them, especially during the busy holiday weekend.

The students, as well as the athletic coaching staff, felt the school should’ve notified the students in advance in preparation for the long four day weekend ahead of them. It was understandable that the dining hall staff, as well as staff faculty, wanted to enjoy their Easter holiday with their family, but it would’ve been nice for the students to have a heads-up.

So what were the students left to do? Does the school care? Should the school apologize for their inconvenience or should the topic be brought to their attention? These are major questions that are circulating the campus amongst the students that had to stay on campus during the break. Some students were furious and filled with rage that they contacted their parents expressing their frustration with the school. Some students were fortunate to have their parents help them out while others weren’t as privileged. Honestly, who wouldn’t be mad if they were put in this situation? The majority of the students more than likely wanted to be surrounded by their family and friends over this significant holiday, rather than be stuck at school with little to nothing to eat.

In conclusion, throughout the long weekend students returned to campus, and the students that didn’t go home were ecstatic that the café reopened on Monday evening. With the café not being very appetizing, you never would’ve thought you would miss it as much as the students,

including myself, did. Showing me how much we take for granted the little things in life that can potentially mean a lot to us in the long run.

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Extended Break Poses Inconvenience For Residential Students