Injured Athlete Makes Comeback

Morgan Herzog, Staff Writer

A high school team was supposed to watch film one night, but instead they practiced, which lead to an accident former football player Christian Ricketson never saw coming.

It all began with a running flag route. Ricketson took off down the field to receive a pass from his teammate. The pass was thrown 2 ft. out of bounds. This quarterback’s pass mistake led to months of recovery for Ricketson.

Just beside the sideline stood a 15 ft. watchtower. The watchtower just so happened to be in the same spot the pass was thrown. Ricketson was watching the ball and so when he caught it, he hit the watch tower. As Ricketson collided with the tower, his leg snapped.

“My left shin hit the bottom of the watch tower and I snapped my leg” says Ricketson. “I could see the bone. I couldn’t walk, it was spouting blood.” Ricketson was then rushed to a hospital. His stay there was extended for two long months of recovery.

After two months in the hospital, Ricketson would remain homebound recovering for six more months. Although Ricketson had a long recovery, he was able to make it back to school in time for his senior year of baseball. His first day back, the students were very welcoming. They made t-shirts with his nickname “Ricki” on the front.

Ricketson’s great year of baseball caught the eye of Kentucky Wesleyan College. Kentucky Wesleyan offered him an athletic scholarship to play and Ricketson accepted the offer to play.

He now attends Kentucky Wesleyan College and is a part of the baseball team. Ricketson is currently a freshmen at the college and will redshirt his first year as a baseball player, meaning that he will sit out his first year in order to play another year down the road. Next year Ricketson will play as the pitcher only.

When Ricketson became injured and thought that he might not ever play sports again, he still never gave up. Fighting through the pain and suffering, he rose above and continued his career as an athlete. The comeback was one of the most memorable moments of his teenage life.