Finals Week Study Tips

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Yes, that time of year is coming that is the absolute worst week of a college student’s life that’s followed by 3 ½ months of relaxing, soaking up sun, and not having to worry about another test or paper until August!  Most of the time this week can feel like it lasts for ages… but you’re in luck, I have some great tips for students to follow to have a less stressful and easier finals week!

1. Get some sleep!!! Almost all college kids never follow this rule during finals week. Why, you ask?  Mostly because of procrastination. Plan ahead and figure out what you need to study for on what days and go to bed at a decent hour, before midnight.  Whatever you do, do not pull an all-nighter!  Tired bodies and brains do not retain information well, leading to worse grades on a test. Sleep is key to having effectiveness during your finals week.

2. Stay active.  Exercise can be a great de-stressor while boosting blood flow to the brain.  Sitting down and studying for long periods of time can lead to a tired, worn out mind.  So if you have some time to get out and get moving, try and go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes, or if you’re trying to cram at least go for a walk outside if the weather is nice!  Some workouts can be very short but also very beneficial!  Try searching online to find a workout that is perfect for you.

3. Eat well.  Eating healthy foods during finals week is a wonderful idea and is a great supplement to both your mind and body.  This can help you feel less stressed or tired.  Especially make sure to wake up early and get some kind of nutritious breakfast food

in your system. Try to plan ahead and buy healthy snacks for on the go like nuts, veggies, fruit, and some kind of protein. Also, drink lots of water!

4. Put your phone away! Phones can be a huge distraction, especially for college kids trying to study.  Set apart some time just for studying and turn off and silence your phone and TV.  This can help you get done studying way faster than usual.

5. Try different methods of studying.  Experiment and try different ways of studying until you find one that works best for you or best for the content you have to study.  Try to avoid memorization, especially during finals.  Trying to memorize and cram so much information in such a short amount a time can lead to you forgetting simple information!  Instead, try learning and remembering information by explaining and making it a story in your head.  If you make connections to certain information and details, your mind will have an easier time remembering!

Good luck to everyone during finals week and make sure you take into consideration these great tips and put them to a good use!

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Finals Week Study Tips