Professor Demunbrun Leaves Mark at Wesleyan

Mariah Wise, Staff Writer

In the Fall of 2013, then Professor Parthum stepped onto Kentucky Wesleyan College’s campus with high expectations for the theatre program that she would now be running as a single faculty member.

As the sole proprietor of the theatre program, Professor Parthum had goals already set for herself when she walked through the door, even before meeting students and who would become lifelong friends. Parthum’s goals then were to build KWC’s theatre program into something that KWC students and faculty could recruit for later on in the future. Unfortunately, that goal was set very high as at the time the theatre program had no space for their shows and their courses needed more development or fleshing out. Her specific goals for students were to give them enough real world experience on their resume that they would be fully capable of getting a job in theatre and make themselves more marketable over all.

In her four years at KWC, Professor Parthum has gotten married, built relationships in the community between KWC and local theatre programs such as Back Alley Musicals and Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, and other educational programs at Owensboro High School, Owensboro Community and Technical College, and Brescia University; she has done a total of eleven shows at KWC, the majority being in Hager Hall, the theatre program’s space on campus. Those shows are: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, Dr. Faustus, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Alice in Wonderland, Title of Show, Edges, Disney and Desserts, 44 Plays for 44 Presidents, Hamlet, Abridged and Unafraid, and two sets of 10-minute play festivals per the class Page to Stage.

Last but not least, Professor Demunbrun has created a program that has drawn in more students this past year than any both new and current students—the Fall of 2016 welcomed Freshman Kaylee O’Donnell, Cody Cravens, and Elizabeth Nicholson, as well as a transfer from OCTC, Junior Casey Zoglmann. The Spring of 2017 welcomed Freshman Jacob Steeley. This is a huge improvement from Professor Demunbrun’s second year teaching at KWC when only two freshman came to the theatre program for the entire year! Not to mention that more and more people who are non-theatre majors have become involved either through theatre classes or open auditions such as Junior Will Schaefer, Senior Emily Davis, Senior Aryanne Brailsford and her husband, Jeremy Brailsford, and the list goes on!

As she prepares to leave her office for the last time, Professor Demunbrun wishes that the theatre program, “continues to serve majors/non majors/transfers and continues to grow within the community.” And as for her majors that she has had this last year, she hopes they “keep it all together,” continue to do the things they enjoy, and find careers that will pay the bills and fulfill their artistic needs, always.



May 3rd is Beth Demunbrun’s last day as a Panther; make sure to stop by her office and tell her she will be missed dearly!