Rashiede Bell Signs with KWC’s Men’s Basketball Team

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When the Mens’ Basketball season was cut short in a NCAA tournament loss to Quincy University, Coach Happy Osborne knew that it was time to get right back to the drawing boards. Everyone knows to build a great team you must have the players to do so. After all, they are the ones who bleed and sweat over what it is they do. Therefore, when Coach Happy told me that he would be signing a 6-4 guard named Rashiede Bell and that I would host him on his official visit, it was a very big deal for me. I was finally getting to see one of the pieces of our puzzle form for next year.

It was about 2 pm on April 11th when Coach Miller called me and told me to get up because Happy wanted me to host a recruit and his grandmother, and take them out to eat at Wasabi. Coach Happy has given me the captain role, so I feel like as much as anybody, I want to help to make sure our team has the players we need. I knew Rashiede was going to come here, but we still wanted to make sure his grandmother knew he was coming to a good place with good people, and to also make it clear that this is home. The way Rashiede was, there was no doubt that everything would go exactly as we planned.

Rashiede was just one of those guys that when you first meet him, you can tell that he’s just as cool and laid back as they come. His calm, and sort of chill demeanor just gives him a little swagger to his step, which is probably one of the first things I noticed. Rashiede wasn’t feeling the best, but you could tell the person that Happy was bringing into the program because he did not complain once. I thought a great moment of the visit was when we were out to eat, Coach Happy screamed over to our table, “Sheed how you are feeling buddy?” In less than a few minutes, Happy had interrupted the dinner to take Rashiede to get medication in that very moment. Those are the little things in visits that are important. Happy did not do it just because of the visit; he did it because he genuinely cares for his family. Luckily, we can now say Rashiede is a part of our family.

Rashiede Bell committing to our basketball program is a huge gain not only for Kentucky Wesleyan College but for his capabilities on the court. Bell has a charming smile and way of connecting with people from what I’ve noticed. He also seems to be one of the more book smart teammates I’ll ever team up with. I do think his ability to help us on the court will be the most shocking. Bell came from South Suburban College near Chicago, Illinois, where he averaged roughly 16 points, 5 assists, and 4 steals. His ability to play as a three dimensional player will be an amazing attribute to our team.  I have a feeling that what he brings to the table will be underestimated and his toughness will outlast many of our opponents. I can also see from our first time meeting that Bell has knowledge about the game. He was right on point with most of the basketball topics we discussed and was also open to learn more too. I really got a great feel for the type of young man he is.

Ken-jah Bosley is hands down a KWC basketball legend for the long run. The way he impacted Wesleyan will never be done again in his fashion and class. But Happy spoke about Rashiede Bell as someone who can fill that role of Ken-jah and possibly be a captain immediately. I believe this because Bell will be a

difference maker for us in so many ways. Therefore, his visit where he finalized his commitment to our basketball program was huge. Obviously, we literally wouldn’t have had it end in any other way. Welcome to KDub Rashiede Bell!

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Rashiede Bell Signs with KWC’s Men’s Basketball Team