St. Patty’s Day In Owensboro

Morgan Herzog, Staff Writer

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints. People who are not of the Irish decent celebrate this day by going out and partying. Many will go out to a bar, club, or party on this day. Here in Owensboro, the community celebrated at many different locations. Some could have found Kentucky Wesleyan College students at CYO, a bar downtown that also holds a live band.

The Three Monkey’s and Taylors are both bars that many Owensboro Locals were found living up the night. Some also went out to eat and watch the UK basketball game on Saint Patrick’s Day. The Mellow Mushroom, which is down the road from CYO, watched the game while celebrating the holiday and big win for UK.

On this day, there are a few alcoholic beverages that are served everywhere. The green beer is probably the most common drink. The Irish Car Bomb is another very popular drink sold on Saint Patricks’ Day. This drink is Baileys and Jamesons dropped into a glass of Guinness. Some may not like the taste of Guinness, but it is worth a try. USA Today stated that the world would drink 13 million pints of Guinness on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Many places will also dye the color of their food green. For instance, Krispy Kreme sold green doughnuts that day. Owensboro did hold a St. Patrick’s Day 5K at O’ Charley’s.

Outside of Owensboro there were other places people celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in Kentucky. Some attended the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Louisville or the Annual Irish Classic 10K, while others go to the Irish Stew Cook Off in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. Wherever people go on this holiday, they are bound to have a good time.

On this day many people wear green. They wear green because the color has been associated with Ireland since at least the 1960s. Some may wear it just to avoid being pinched. If you didn’t know the tradition, it is common to pinch someone if they are not wearing green on this day. Revelers of St. Patrick’s Day believed that wearing green made you invisible to leprechauns. The color green also relates to the four leaf clover. Saint Patrick himself used the four leaf clovers for teaching purposes, representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.