“Hamlet Abridged and Unafraid”

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“Hamlet Abridged and Unafraid” was the spring production for Kentucky Wesleyan’s Theatre Department. Although this production only had three actors, the production team as a whole was compromised of ten members who aided in acting, directing, lighting and sound, props, and costuming. The revision of Shakespeare’s orginal “Hamlet” was completed by Professor Beth Demunbrun, head of Wesleyan’s Theatre Department.

The production timeline was strictly confined to two months of diligent work. All components of the production, other than the script, were executed seamlessly by Wesleyan students ranging from freshman to senior academic status. The costumes used for this production are being showcased Thursday, April 6, at Wesleyan Scholar’s Day. The benefit of having in-house productions is that they aid in the professional advancement of all involved. The production included both theatre and non-theatre majors. All students are heavily involved in academics and extracurricular activities, making for a heavy workload. The shows were set to take place for three days, from Thursday, March 16, until Saturday, March 18.

I did not attend the theatre show, however I did have a friend who went just for fun. Madison has been a friend of mine since the beginning of the school year. I noticed Madison does a great job of getting involved in the extracurricular activities here at Wesleyan, she takes a lot of pride in being proactive in her college approach. Madison and I talked about the overall skill and focus it takes to be an actor. She said she did not know anyone in the play, she just went because she was curious to see how good it can be.

Although Madison was just watching as a neutral fan, I asked her what she would give as an overall grade of the actors on stage. Madison gave them an A, she felt as if their energy, attention to detail, focus, and overall acting skills were of a very high level. She also noted that the overall message and script of the play that was performed was strong and unique. She genuinely enjoyed the show as a whole, which is a great compliment to the actors. As she explained the description of the students who were performing, she and I realized how cool it is that we are around people every day with different skills.

Here at Kentucky Wesleyan there’s such a wide variety of talent. I believe sometimes we take for granted how blessed we are to be so close to people with so many amazing gifts. It was a great feeling to get a look into the Kentucky Wesleyan Theatre Department and the way that they entertain. Although this time it was someone else who had to explain to me how the show went, it was great to get another dose of what type of talent and hard workers are a part of the same college that I attend.

In conclusion, the Kentucky Wesleyan Theatre program did a great job of acting out “Hamlet Abridge and Unafraid.” From my report, the audience really enjoyed the show as a whole, from the acting to the overall concept and message. I think it is important I make it to one of Theatre’s shows, hearing about the different talents the actors have to have, the quality of the plays, and just the overall respect level of the audience opened my eyes to the cool things I missed.

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“Hamlet Abridged and Unafraid”