The Story Behind Saint Patrick’s Day

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As most of you know, St. Patrick’s Day just recently happened on March 17th, but some people do not know why we celebrate it.  This holiday was originated from Ireland and is celebrated in observance of the death of St. Patrick, who was the patron saint of Ireland.  This began as a religious feast day in the 17th century and has slowly evolved into a celebration all over the world into a variety of festivals and parties of the Irish culture with everything green!

A bunch of people always wonder, why green?  It actually came from Ireland’s politics.  One of the main symbols of Ireland is the shamrock, which is green, but the earliest use of green was seen during the Great Irish Rebellion of 1641. Catholic landowners and bishops fought against the authority of the English crown, the leader of this rebellion placed a green flag with a harp to represent the Confederation. There are also a lot of other historic and interesting reasons why they choose green to represent this day.

So why did we began celebrating an Irish holiday?  In the year 1845, about a million Irish immigrants came into America because of the Great Potato Famine in Ireland, which caused starvation.  When they first came to America and started celebrating this holiday, Americans thought they were all sloppy drunks, but Americans soon began to realize their growing power in America and eventually started the annual St. Patrick’s Day parades!

If you’re ever thinking about doing something really cool for Saint Patrick’s Day in America, you should go check out the Chicago River!  Every year Chicago dyes their river green. This all started in 1962 when the city pollution-control workers were using dyes to trace illegal sewage discharges.  Afterwards, they realized the dye would be a great idea to use for the holiday!  Chicago also celebrates by having parades throughout the streets and there are many pub crawls to visit.

If you’re ever wondering what people in Ireland do for Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s pretty awesome!  Today, approximately 1 million people take part in the holiday by hosting Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin. This few day-long celebration includes many concerts, parades, outdoor productions, and awesome firework shows.

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The Story Behind Saint Patrick’s Day