Wesleyan Singers Perform at First Christian Church

Malek Harris, Staff Writer

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The Kentucky Wesleyan Singers is the primary choral ensemble at Kentucky Wesleyan College. It is comprised of 23 students ranging from freshmen to seniors. They represent the college monthly at numerous events and each member is involved in numerous extracurricular aside from the ensemble. The ensemble, led by Dr. Bradley Naylor, showcases the most refined vocal talent in the Owensboro – Daviess County area. It consists of both music and non-music majors. Each member pays strict attention to detail in all aspects of music including theme, key, melody, harmony, and blend.

The ensemble’s most attended event annually is the Lessons and Carols festival, which is hosted at St. Stephens Cathedral located on Locust St. in Owensboro. Members of the ensemble can also be found actively participating in Greek Life, the theatre department, local theatre works, both band and orchestra, and numerous athletic teams.

On Sunday, March 19, the choir performed a repertoire of ten songs at First Christian Church. Although I was not in attendance at the performance, I did get feedback from one young woman who performed in the choir named Madison, and two of the girls who went to the event to support Madison. It was interesting because they all had somewhat different point of views about the show, fortunately none too negative.

One of the choir performers was a classmate of mine named Madison, who I’ve gotten along with since I met. She told me earlier in the year that she sang here at Kentucky Wesleyan and that singing had always been her passion. Madison felt great about the show, she talked about how every performance feels different in a good way. She said the vibe from this performance in particular was one of the best she’s been a part of this year.

Another girl I talked to goes by the name of Kylie, who is one of Madison’s best friends. It really showed on Kylies face that she just genuinely loves going to watch the choir sing, and Madison being a part of it has helped her understand how much work it takes. She described the performance at First Christian Church as “calming and smooth” for the church.

The last person is Hailey. Hailey seemed to have a much different opinion of the choir performance than the other two because she goes to the church and her family is from the area. She talked about her family attending that church for so long, and even now that she’s here in college they still make her go. Hailey said it was “so cute” having friendship with someone that is singing at her hometown church.

Overall, the Kentucky Wesleyans choir performance at the First Christian Church was a success. Every one enjoyed themselves, the singers did great, and it was a positive experience for everyone involved.

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Wesleyan Singers Perform at First Christian Church