2017 Grammy’s Wrap Up

Morgan Herzog

The Grammy’s of 2017 became a competition between Adele and Beyonce. They were competing for record and album of the year. For those who did not watch the Grammy’s, Adele ended up winning album of the year. She also won four out of the five awards she was nominated for. Adele paid her respects to Beyonce by appearing on the stage twice and recognizing her as well. As for Beyonce, she now holds a record of 0-4 in the category of album of the year.

For those wondering what Beyonce was wearing, it was a sight to see. It looked as if she was wearing almost nothing. It was a gold beaded outfit that was see through, to where everyone could see her belly. While on stage, she threw a yellow cloth around her and then before anyone realized what happened, Beyonce had a gold, beaded dress on. It was almost like magic. The performance was visually appealing to the audience. Beyonce won the award of best music video for “Formation” as well as taking the win for best urban contemporary album, Lemonade.

When 21 Pilots was signaled to the stage to receive their award, an outrageous moment occurred. The whole crew dropped their pants and proceeded to walk to the stage. At this moment the audience was wondering why they had walked to the stage in their boxers. A member of the crew explained that when they were younger they had watched the Grammy’s and were in their underwear. They made a pact that if they ever won a Grammy, that they would receive the award in their boxers, and so they did. The award they accepted was for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

History was made during the 2017 Grammy’s with the first time nomination of the Streaming-Only Album Award. The album was Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper. He won the award for best rap album. He was also named Best New Artist this year. The winner of Best Rock Song went to David Bowie for “Blackstar” and the winner of Best Country Song went to Tim McGraw for “Humble and Kind”.

On the interesting side, some say that the 2017 Grammy Awards may have been the most political show yet. There were many artists who got on stage and went political. Some people were appalled, while others chanted along. First and foremost, at the pre-telecast premiere ceremony, Margaret Cho appeared on stage and stated “F*** Trump” after losing. James Gordon appeared first and promoted unity immediately. Jennifer Lopez also appeared on stage stating “This particular moment in history, our voices are needed more than ever”.

To continue on with politics during the show, Paris Jackson stated, “We can really use this kind of excitement at a pipeline protest, guys #noDAPL”.

Proceeding that, Katy Perry went on stage and performed “Chained to the Rhythm”. During her performance, there were many protest symbols and she wore a pantsuit that was said to be inspired by Hillary Clinton. She then finished up her performance with a “We the People” backdrop striking a pose. Lavern Cox, from Orange is the New Black spoke on stage about raising awareness to Gavin Grimm’s Supreme Court Case.

The 2017 Grammy Awards is a place for music and to show talent. Some people said that the politics should have been left out.