Spring Break Destinations

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Anyone have any ideas of going on spring break this year?  Anyone having trouble saving up money for a trip?  Well this article has all the answers for you!  Spring break is one of the most exciting breaks of the school year (besides summer), so I encourage every student to try and take some time to relax or go on an adventure and make the most of your break. There are many ways of having a safe, fun, and affordable little trip for spring break. Unless you would like to stay here! There are also some fun possibilities that can be done at home.  I will provide some tips on traveling and how to pack for a week of vacation.  There are so many places that you can go for an affordable price.  You just have to make sure you budget yourself well and are surrounded with good people.

If you are stuck on deciding where exactly you want to go, here are a few places that’re inexpensive, fun, and definitely for beach lovers.  Fort Lauderdale!  Ahh, the college party beach.  This is a perfect place if you’re looking to have some relaxing time on the beach and some fun with friends at night.  If a large group is traveling together, think about renting a condo instead of getting a hotel room. They are usually the nicest and most inexpensive places to rent while you’re at the beach.  Fort Lauderdale has great places to eat and mingle with friends, and Miami is just 30 minutes away if you’re wanting to experience the big city.  Since Fort Lauderdale is so far down south it will be the perfect temperature since our spring break is early.

Another place I would suggest for beach lovers is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  There you can visit the popular Señor Frogs which provides a live DJ music scene or for a more family friendly experience, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park that has so many different rides right beside the beach.  Hotels usually start around $80-100.

If you’re not so into the beach scene you may want to try a place like Chicago, Illinois.  This is a great destination for people who love big cities and love to explore!  If you don’t like flying or can’t afford it, this is an easy 6-6 ½ hour drive from here, which is not bad at all.  You can go to Navy Pier, which has rides, shops, and food, or to Trump Tower, one of the many museums, Grant Park, Cloud Gate (a mirrored, bean-shaped sculpture), Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo, and so much more!

If you happen to absolutely love one of these places but you don’t have the money, there are a few ways you can save up before spring break.  Down the street on Frederica, there is a place where you can give plasma and earn money!  The first time you go and give plasma you can earn $50.  That fifty dollars can be a great expense to your trip.  Also, if you’re looking for a little extra money, you can sell your clothes and accessories to Plato’s Closet.  It’s located right next to Buffalo Wild Wings on Frederica and they will actually pay you cash for giving them your clothes.  Any unwanted or old clothes that don’t fit anymore would be perfect to give to them.

I hope by reading this article everyone has an idea of what they want to do for spring break and maybe can earn some spending money by the tips given.  There are so many more places you can go to explore but these were some of my favorites and the cheapest for students.  Always remember wherever you’re going to be safe, have fun, and make it the most memorable trip ever!  See you all after the break.

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Spring Break Destinations