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Campus Ministries has been a big part of KWC’s campus life for quite some time. This organization that is set up for the students is very inviting and has made a major impact on some student’s lives. The organization’s main focus is to spread the word of Christ and guide other’s to his word for anyone that wants to build their relationship with God. It’s centered on making sure campus is a better place by providing many opportunities for students to take action on campus by serving their Lord. If anyone is struggling with personal things, campus ministries are always open to give advice and are there to help. This is such a welcoming and trustful organization to have on a college campus and it definitely serves a greater purpose, not just for students but for the staff as well.

Different ministry activities are provided across campus. First off, there is Chapel every Wednesday at 12:12 conducted by Shawn Tomes, the director of Campus Ministries. He is great to listen to and gives a wonderful lesson to hear. This is a short sermon of God’s word that anyone can stop by and listen to during lunch time. At the beginning of chapel there are a few songs that are sung, all which are very relaxing. After this, there is a short sermon that usually lasts about 30-35 minutes, so this opportunity lets you take a short break out of your day to hear God’s word. One sermon at the Chapel talked about the service trip taken to Give Kids the World this winter and how God opened hearts of many during the week of service. Every week there is a new and exciting thing to hear about!  I strongly encourage anyone who has a short break in their day to come out and listen and soak in some scripture.

Also provided for campus is The Link. The Link is a small organization strictly for women to come and hear different girl’s stories about their faith. This is such an amazing opportunity for young women who want to interact with others about their relationship with Christ, or even their everyday problems. Another plus to The Link is free food!! Every meeting free food is provided for everyone and a free gift for one lucky person in attendance. How awesome is that? This is definitely something any girl should not miss out on.

There is also meetings set up for men as well. Man Up is another ministry that took place on Thursday, December 1 for guys, offered by guys. There was also good fellowship and free food provided as well.

Something else that has really made an impact on campus through Campus Ministries is their social media. Anyone that has a Twitter should go follow @KWCministry. This social media account is great for staying up to date on all the events going on and making sure what all you can be involved in!  They also frequently send out Bible verses, so if you’re following them and scrolling on your newsfeed one of these may just make your day. They also promote prayer requests.  Anyone can send whatever is on their mind, whatever is happening in their lives, or of others that need prayers.

The Twitter account sends out reminders of stories’ night at 9:09 pm in the Chapel. This involves hearing sweet stories about what God is doing in other people’s lives and how that has impacted them. There are so many other things that can be found on this account that could for sure brighten someone’s day, so don’t forget to go hit that follow button!

In all, I think Campus ministries has done a fantastic job serving our campus and leading students to a more loving and closer relationship with their Savior. There is so much good in this organization and can definitely come to be a great service for others. There are so many things to take part in, especially if you love helping others or teaching others about God’s way. From mission trips to speaking to a group of young women, you could be changing people’s lives in the most positive way possible. I encourage each and every student to take part in this on campus to help our school become better and stronger with God. The more attendance, the many more fun possibilities this has to offer. Wesleyan family, be sure to check your email or be on the lookout for bulletins and posters promoting Campus Ministries to see what’s happening next.

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