Men’s Basketball Continue Winning Streak

Martavius Carter

The Kentucky Wesleyan Panther’s Men basketball team, coached by Happy Osborne, are on a roll with a fifteen game win streak and counting. This high flying, lock down defensive, and erratic team are in search of a tenth national title this year. The Panthers are off to a great start to the season, recently obtaining the 17th overall ranking in NCAA Division 2. The Panthers established their home grounds and let teams know that, when coming into the Owensboro Sports Center, you will be in a nice battle to win. The Kentucky Wesleyan College Men’s basketball team conquered the number one seed spot in the G-Mac conference with 41 straight home wins after defeating Alderson Broaddus Saturday, January 21.

With Kentucky Wesleyan’s Men’s Basketball team’s fifteen game winning streak, the players are very confident this season.

“This is one of the greatest teams I’ve played with, everyone is humble and everyone is on the same page,” said Michael Vigilance, “We all want to win and will do whatever it takes to win.”

“This year everyone knows their role. We preach defense because defense wins games,” Adam Stanford also said.

The players really have abided by what they are taught in practice, working each other hard in practice to make each other better. The players like Jordan Jacks and Ken-Jah Bosley were awarded G-Mac Players of the Week and are on the SCB Bevo Francis Award Top 100. This is a great honor and a great award to achieve. The players are very talented this season and don’t want to go to nationals and fail. They all want to bring back #10!

Osborne is very excited this year about his team.

“I do not let my team slack in practice. Practice is very vital in preparation to win the next game” said Osborn.

He preaches that even though his team is doing great things right now, there is always a bigger task ahead. The goals this season start with working hard on and off the court. The second goal is to earn your wins, Coach Happy stresses that wins don’t come easy, players need to play hard and play to win every game. Finally, the last goal the team has this season is to win their conference undefeated. This year they have the team to do it, so will the Panthers succeed their goal?

Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers Men’s Basketball in the year of 2017 could write history, they are off to a great start all they need to do is finish. The Panthers are currently striving for its tenth national title this year, along with a conference title. This year, the Panthers have a lot of expectations to meet, this coaching staff, the players, and Kentucky Wesleyan College believe in them.