Who Are We? K-W-C!

Brittany Wells, Managing Editor

Having played a sport throughout my high school and college career, I have found that school spirit is one thing that has been very gratifying and fulfilling. School spirit brings people together. It creates an atmosphere for everyone to have a good, clean, honest, and enjoyable time with his or her classmates and friends. As a senior at Kentucky Wesleyan College, one thing I have noticed is a general lack of school spirit, particularly in the student sections of sporting events. I often ask myself, “Why is there a lack of school spirit and participation? Why don’t our students support one another at our team’s different sporting events?” I am a good friend to many people on different sports teams here, and I know they are also good friends to teammates on other teams as well. I am going to challenge myself, and others, to intentionally attend, and to bring a friend or teammate, to the next Kentucky Wesleyan school sporting event.

Why should you come to a sporting event to support a sports team? You should attend because it helps create the atmosphere many of us desire. It creates good healthy excitement and positive energy, not just for the team you are supporting but also for the fans who attend the event. This is an opportunity to let loose and enjoy time with your friends and classmates. It is a time to come together and get to know one another by cheering together. Why should I go to my classmates’ games if they do not come to my games? This is a common sentiment that is easily answered: if you do it for them, they will do it for you. When you come to the games and cheer, it is what you make of it. When people see you at their games, and see the positivity it creates, and the wonderful atmosphere, they will want to do the same for you as well.

Where do I sit at the games? Good question. Hopefully there will be a group of students you have seen around school who will direct you to sit with them. Too many times I have gone to games and have seen everyone scattered around not sitting together as one unified student body. One day, while attending the women’s volleyball match, I just asked every Kentucky Wesleyan student at the game whom I knew to sit by one another in the bleachers. By this simple act, we were instantly united as one, and it was easier to do cheers and be loud and supportive for our fellow Panthers who were playing the opposition. As I looked around, I saw our students and fellow classmates laughing and smiling and enjoying each other’s company. It was a great sight to see, and I hope this motivates others to come to sporting events and cheer as loudly as your vocal chords will allow.

“Sporting events are boring.” I had asked my friend what he was doing one Friday night and his response was “nothing.” I encouraged him to come with me to a Kentucky Wesleyan College sporting event, and his response was “No, it’s boring.” I kind of agreed with him. It motivated me to want to create a fun environment for students who actually do come to the games. I wondered how many additional people do not attend because they also think it is boring. I realized that any event is dependent upon what you make of it. It is important to build positive energy, and for people to encourage other people to come to the games and cheer because it is fun.   Once that is done, then it may foster a cultural movement where more and more people come to events and actually do have an enjoyable time. This will then directly benefit the Panther athletes at those sporting events. The key messaging is that KWC Panther sporting events are fun, especially when you have a large supportive student section, and the athletes are grateful for your show of your support.

Simply stated, all I want you to do is come to one Wesleyan Panthers game, and we will take care of the rest. Come to a game, sit in the designated student section, enjoy the night, and the rest will take care of itself. Do not forget to bring your friends. Go Panthers go!